Kidney Back Pain

kidney back painKidney back pain occurs to millions of individuals every year. Many of these individuals don't even realize their back pain is related to their kidneys.

Having back pains isn't necessarily related to a kidney problem, of course. It is normal to feel some types of back pain in everyday life. But lower back pain, located where the kidneys reside inside the body, may be the result of a kidney problem.

How do you know when your lower back pain comes from a kidney infection or kidney stones?

There may not be any warning that a kidney infection is coming as it came attack out of the blue. The pain is not necessarily in the back but in the hip and spine. Tenderness in the lower back is the first sign that you may have a kidney problem.

In some cases, it may not be an infection but may have other medical reasons for the pain. If the area was injured, or if the there is a kidney stone that needs to pass, these can also cause the same pain. All of the symptoms need to be treated for the pain to go away. Those who do not have a doctor can simply put pressure on the sore area and if the pain worsens, then it is not a back injury but more likely an internal one that a doctor should be advised of.

Anytime there is pain in the lower back, the person experiencing it can use the above procedure to help them to figure out if it is a muscle strain or a problem with the kidneys. When the kidneys malfunction or have issues, other vital organs can be affected as well. This is the reason that a physician should be consulted immediately if the pain is generated from the kidneys. Be honest with the physician about any family history of kidney failure as this can be genetic which means that if a family member has issues, the odds are that you are too.

Only a physician can offer the prescriptions necessary to take care of a kidney infection, but there are some homeopathic remedies that can help relieve kidney pain which is safe for most.

Try concocting a tea made out of juniper berries which is a natural antioxidant and that is going to help lower blood pressure as well. Add the ingredients of kelp and cayenne which both help to restore much of the nutrition that is lost when there is an infected kidney. Add vitamins to the diet as well which offers the double duty of cure and prevention.

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